Would they say these things?

A few preachers have inspired me greatly over the past couple years. One of them is Eric Ludy. One of his latest sermons reverberated in my soul deeply, from 9/2/2012.

I think it is long overdue for people to ask these questions of their church leaders. Would your church leaders say these things? Have they ever said such things?

To guard myself against what I did and learned the past 25 years, I took John 3:30 as a personal verse to hold onto: “He must become greater; I must become less.” Ironically, this is Eric’s concluding verse on this subject.

  1. Test Everything I say against the Bible!
  2. Go! Get out of here! You have a job to do!
  3. Your spiritual life can thrive without me!
  4. Truth is not exclusive to our little group!
  5. Let God direct your giving. Give to the work He asks you to give to – even if it’s not here.
  6. I’m not perfect! But, Jesus IS!
  7. I don’t deserve special treatment!
  8. Jesus forgives thoroughly and completely! And I choose to do the same!
  9. Don’t be quick to judge the motives of others!
  10. The only message that counts is Jesus and Him Crucified!

2 thoughts on “Would they say these things?

  1. “We are here to populate Heaven and bring glory to King Jesus, not Windsor!” (great line from Eric Ludy at about 47:00 in the video)