Why I am Outside the Gate (2)

Here are a few more, different, reasons why my dialogues are “outside the gate”…

1. I would rather hear this song at church than most hymns.

2. I hear the gospel in these songs by Pink, Eminem and Bon Jovi more than in a lot of preaching.

3. My favorite rum is Kraken, my favorite vodka is Tito’s, my favorite beer is Sam Adams Boston Ale and my favorite wine is any kind of merlot.

6 thoughts on “Why I am Outside the Gate (2)

  1. I meant the wine Jesus and them drank back then had the amount of alcohol that is typically in non-alcoholic beer.

  2. The reason why I mentioned that the wine in the Bible contained almost no alcohol, is that since you reach out to those who may have left U.B.F. and might not be 21 years of age in the United States, that maybe you ought to make clear that this drinking behavior is only legal for those 21 years of age and older, so there is no possibility you are promoting it in its current text? Especially that you are a Bishop in a Church. You can contact me at this email, if you do not want to post my comment publicly. We have to look out for one another, whether, or not I am confused by our own past communications. Ultimately, it is about those who left UBF and their well being and I would not want anyone at U.B.F. to declare you are promoting drinking to those under age. This blog is not only for 21 years of age and older is it?

    • Eric, I too have been confused by our private email conversations. I removed the filter blocking your commenting here… but please keep your comments brief :)

      You make a good point about age 21, at least in America. This is a global site, remember, and the drinking age is not 21 in all countries. In fact, young people in a lot of places grow up with some form of alcohol. My point is simply that we Christians shouldn’t be so afraid (paranoid) of a little wine or beer now and then.

    • I know paranoia has nothing to do with it. Look at the latest Nueroplasticity studies and the research of Christian Rehab facilities. The Human Brain is plastic. The body as well metabolizes and disposes of alcohol as it does a poison. Our bodies were not made for even casual alcohol consumption (alcoholism is classified as a dietary disorder) and this kind of cult-culture of party drinking has been formed over time through the reshaping of the plastic human brain (even at the genetic level) and by demonic spirits of sorcery/magic which is worth mentioning to be a sign at the coming of the end of the age (However anyone at U.B.F. would never be taught about Revelation and if UBF exists at the end of the age, I am certain if the mark of the beast were a microchip, or something in that nature, they would not object, because they never discuss such subject and I do not doubt they would just rather exist alongside the reigning beasts church). I have seen it discussed by credible counselors who back studies by doctors and Pastors that even casual drinking of condensed alcohol is absolutely inviting neurological symptoms (mood change as irritability and physical fatigue etc.) though the effects do not share the drastic combination of brain holes, that come with the effect of weekly alcohol consumption and/or habitual use of alcohol (drugs). This is not all that shapes the brain. Nevertheless, I absolutely rebuke the introducing of Poison’s Something to Believe In being played during a worship service, especially that its lyrics doubt the existence of God, with its blaming and whiny crescendo and I will not even mention Pink, or the atheist and evolutionary darwinian dingle Bon Jovi (please don’t pout fuzzy britches).

  3. You are clearly outside the gate, which is not always a bad thing. Listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxTzNZehVvo ,or
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcgemftnBo4 . I ain’t a jew now, ever, or do I want to be, but I do admire some of the ones of days past, especially the later for their Faith and denying their blaspheming own. I could just as well take a leak on that wall with the passive/aggressive jew persecution of Christians these days in Israel, worldwide and the international forum of jewish finance and banking. No, I am not referring to the wall of reasoning. You have to make a stand. A man cannot serve to masters, or he will love one and hate the other -The Christ.

    • Eric, thanks for sharing the Matt Redman video. I love Matt Redman’s music, as well as Kutlass, Casting Crowns, My Epic, Third Day, Hillsong and Chris Tomlin!