What ubf is really all about

Here is a ubf report that expresses clearly what the global ubf network is really all about. France UBF has been rather quiet in regard to the mass exodus of leaders. Here is why.

Here is the ubf business mission report from France.

Quotes about France UBF

On April 14, Paris UBF had a special worship service to celebrate the 10th anniversary of LIKE (an accessories company), established and headed by M. Rebecca Choi.

Dr. Marc challenged us to come to the cross of Jesus in order to receive healing. He also pointed out that as disciples of Jesus we have so many spiritual riches to gain and also some human riches, like brothers and sisters in Christ; we are definitely not losers!

After making a good profit in the first year, Dr. Marc Choi used all this money to buy the present center in the heart of Paris. Still God continued to bless them. God has used this company also to grant proper jobs for missionaries. Not least of all, being a businesswoman also earns M. Rebecca respect among tough French students. Although the present economic situation doesn’t seem inspiring, Dr. Marc and Rebecca Choi have a vision that God may use LIKE to support 100 missionaries to Africa.

Two ubf networks

Some ubfers may not understand what I’m talking about. To such people I would suggest doing some asking and researching. You should be able to find out that there are two UBFs. 1) a business mission, corporate UBF and 2) a Christian-like bible study UBF.

I explained some before about ubf business mission. France ubf is being held up as so exemplary because they actually succeeded in making a profit. Most ubf attempts at business mission end in failure.

This business mission is rampant in Europe but not so much in America.

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