One thought on “We Should Not Forget

  1. Prior discussion from 2005:

    “While I agree that we should show respect for Regina’s family during this awful time of grief; I think we would do her and her family a great injustice to not speak of this tragedy again.

    UBF is renowned for dismissing human suffering in every aspect. Regina’s death cannot be dismissed or ever forgotten.

    I will never forget. I believe that every former UBF member should continue to speak out and expose every travisty that has continued to take place within UBF.

    Certainly, other religious organizations have had their share of ministering to folks who suffer with mental illness. The big difference here (in this case) is that Regina was devoted to UBF. She gave away her youth and her life choices to serve the UBF mantra. What did UBF give to Regina? A big fat lie!!! The UBF leadership could not even share with their membership the true event of Regina’s passing. UBF pushed Regina to change her name, and struggle against her illness in silence.

    This tragedy only spurs me on to continue to speak out against a represive, abusive cult. UBF youth claim that the “ministry” is changing for the better. Currently , I see NO glimmer of hope for UBF. The Chicago leadership cannot even tell the truth to their own membership about the passing of a precious, tender woman.

    Sarah Barry and all of the current UBF shepherds who were responsible for directing the Thompson family, should be held directly accountable.

    Perhaps, my words sound harsh here, but it is my opinion.”