Unity means…no criticism

What is unity? Jesus prayed for it. Apostle Paul exhorted for it. Many have sought it. The word “unity” in UBF has special meaning. Unity means: “no criticism; submit to your leader and obey quietly”. In the UBF mindset, anyone who criticizes or objects to something is seen as breaking unity. Such people are shunned and invited to “shut up and go away” meetings. The latest 2012 UBF Newsletter describes the UBF meaning of “unity” quite well.

The Unity Committee












UBF used to have a “Public Relations Committee”. I have their reports. But now the same guy who led the PR Committee is heading a new committee…wait for it… the Unity Committee! And how is he leading this committee? Isaiah 45:21 is his direction. Just “declare what is to be”. Just coerce people into unity. Be united! Just command it, and it will be so…that’s what the 2012 UBF Newsletter says, in essence, on page 35 (see screenshot above). The goal of this Unity Committee is the same as the old Public Relations committee, which was also led by Jacob Lee. The goal is to create a good public face for UBF.

God quieted all critical people

Unity, in UBF terms can be described as “shouting slogans all together”. Ready… “Praise God for declaring what is to be in 2011. God quieted all critical people to UBF so that UBF may be used as God’s instrument for the world mission.” (2012 UBF Newsletter, page 35).

Apparently, God cannot work if there are critical people. Apparently God won’t bless people who think for themselves or ask questions or try to reform or improve things. Apparently God’s arm really is too short…

I will not be silent!

So according to the Director of Unity in UBF, God quieted all critical people in 2011? Really… so I guess Jacob Lee didn’t read my emails. I guess he didn’t read all the ubfriends articles or my priestlynation articles, and the world-wide discussions that ensued in the USA, Russia and China? I guess he didn’t read the recent Wikipedia entry or the Freedom of Mind entry? I guess the inclusion of UBF on 8 cult-watching groups world-wide doesn’t count as criticism?

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4 thoughts on “Unity means…no criticism

  1. Indeed, it is easier to dictate… until it all falls apart. Apparently God silenced all UBF critics, internal and external…yet we all know this is not true.

  2. My first thought upon seeing the “declaring what is to be” statement is to look for the biblical context. Isa 45:21 is about God declaring that it is He who predicted Judah’s captivity and deliverance.

    How we get from that to the UBF statement is surely a challenge to all who value proper hermeneutics and exegesis, rather than eisogesis.