Unanswered Questions

On 8/8/2011, I sent the following questions to the Leadership Council in Toledo UBF.

Below is the letter I sent (with names removed) first to a select few leaders, to the entire Council, and to numerous UBF people. As of today, more than three months later, I have received no answers to these questions. I did receive two invitations to a closed-door meeting with a few people to talk about my “top 3 questions” for “repentance” and “reconciliation”, which I declined. I was also told that it would take an effort equivalent to thesis writing to answer my questions. And one person told me I could just answer them myself.

I now share this letter publicly in order to bring these issues further into the light. I hope to spark open, honest discussion, which to this day has not happened, with senior UBF leaders. Some active discussion has taken place with a few UBF people however. It is true that I am not interested in reform. I am interested in rebuilding and finding a new identity. I am interested in “moving on” (but not in silence). Much of the content on this blog was a result of the response (and lack thereof) to this letter.

Leadership Council:

After I receive a written response to my questions below from the new leadership council in Toledo UBF, I will consider an in-person meeting in Toledo UBF. My reasoning for this request is that I have observed the same pattern of people leaving UBF the past 21 years. Although we are beginning to experience something new, the words and actions of Toledo leaders the past 8 years do not reconcile. The words are good and genuine, but the actions tell a different story.

Event 1: The 1990 moving of James and Rebekah Kim in Toledo.
Were our actions illegal according to Ohio Law?
Did these actions violate the US Constitution, the 4th amendment?
Did these actions violate God’s commands to love our neighbor?

Event 2: The Detroit chapter pioneering.
Why was I not allowed to form a pioneering committee to assist the process when I requested such help?
Why were we demanded to travel to Toledo every Sunday for 6 months as a requirement to be officially sent out to Detroit?
Why did we not seriously discuss being missionaries to Russia or to England?
Why were we just left in Detroit alone for 7 years? (the first year a Korean missionary was in Detroit, but after he left UBF, Toledo UBF stopped nearly all communication).

Event 3: Succession of leadership in Toledo UBF.
Why were five fully-qualified leadership candidates not groomed to become pastor over the past 21 years?
Why is there confusion about being a director vs. being a pastor?
Is there any plan for someone else to be pastor/director?
How does this situation compare to what happened in Bowling Green?

Event 4: Dead dog training.
What is dead dog training?
Does this training still exist or anything like it?
Why is obedience to authority so highly valued above other Christian values?

Event 5: The gospel.
What is the gospel?
What might UBF learn from other churches?
How can UBF be connected to 2,000+ years of Christian history?

Event 6: Christian ministry.
What is the role of a pastor?
How does a pastor work with other elders?
How does a pastor help church members fine their role and gifts from the Holy Spirit?
What doctrines and teachings should a pastor be reading and knowing?

Event 7: Systematic problems with UBF.
Other former members have already expounded on this. I agree with all of what they said regarding ministry problems and ways to change. Why is it so difficult to listen to honest, truthful Christians who have ideas for improving the ministry?
Why are those who speak honestly and truthfully driven away from the ministry?

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