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A while back I was surprised to discover plans for creating schools to teach UBF ways in the 50th Anniversary Book.

Teaching material is already in the works. UBFTV used to list many Korean language Staff training videos. (Note: new video website– http://www.ubf-media.org/staff/)

The plan is to create Kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school curriculum (K-12). This is mentioned on page 150 of the 50th Anniversary Book. The book also mentions a UBF University for college students.

Today I found the demo website  setup for the UBF schools:


Here is a link with the English translation (even though Washington USA UBF is the host)


Here is a link to the summary of the K-12/University school system to be created:


Google translation below:

[2 years(?)] Education Ministry

Genesis 18:19 “I the Lord commanded him to his children and his household to keep the way of the highway should do righteousness and chose him to the LORD came unto Abraham said about the work must be fulfilled”


Education is our future. Us a solid 2 years UBF through the education system will be able to continue to the next generation. Christian thought hostile to public education in our society, family values ​​and settlement systems are crumbling. Many second generation of their parents before entering the College without having to attend the church is no longer. In the United States for a mission to spread the gospel among the children of parents who keep their faith, the rate is less than 10%. Christian education in this challenging situation, the second generation inherited the legacy of their parents’ faith, and at the same time, filling a growing need for UBF ministry, our ministry to vigorously will play an important role. In addition, each chapter of the history of Christian education, serve, second generation will contribute to a healthy spiritual growth. UBF history, God was with the last 50 years. Our mission and vision of another 50 years, watching, and now a college education from primary school to establish the Christian Education and the time to plan long-term history. This can sound like a dream, but the existence of our ministry and for generations to come for the expansion of world mission vision with systematic training plan is very important. 2 years of ministry for the next 50 years, the outlook is very different from that of the first three will be planting. We go beyond the current generation so you can see the future of the campus mission, to train young people to serve the Lord to prepare you for Christian Education, and God continue to bless us.

The purpose of UBF school 

Worship God and proclaim the word of the Lord, and to educate young people is the mission of the church the center of three kinds. Education in the knowledge of God to train young people to grow is a key element. UBF our school system, why do I need? Why we do not send their children to public schools? Is not To send our children to public schools is not a problem. Is there an alternative to public schools, however? Is not Can. We are starting from elementary school to college can establish gidokhakgyo UBF. UBF school system to provide excellent education to our children as well as the UBF ministry identity and spiritual heritage of the transfer, and the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, they effectively will be ready to serve. UBF school children a secular education communities to overcome the pressure of them … do not be shaken will stand firm on biblical truth. UBF school students to stand firm on biblical truth to follow the teachings of Jesus, every day will help. In addition, the high level of compliance with the curriculum for all students whatever their choice, depending on which college to prepare students to be admitted will be. The overall goal of UBF school for all students gongha biblical truth over the base in all areas of their professional social workers as independent work of Jesus Christ is to be able to serve. UBF school to the second coming of Jesus our children grow into tomorrow’s Christian leaders helping every student a personal relationship with God will help you to bear.

Jewish educational system

The man of God, the Jews and the Christian spiritual formation given to Abraham’s spiritual father, goes back to Genesis 18:19 malsseumeu. God of Abraham and his children all his acceleration to keep the precepts of God has commanded to teach. Through the early history of Israel, given the central institutions of society, the family was Children through the example of family life and parents have learned. Fathers to teach their children God’s laws are. Parents’ example of the life of faith is the best teacher. Isaac Abraham, Isaac and his spiritual heritage has been transmitted to Jacob. Isaac and yaege commanded to keep God’s laws, it is important to follow the example of Abraham. God has a covenant for all generations. The purpose of Deuteronomy 6:4-9 the word and how well your child’s education helps explain. Parents, their children are obliged to plant the Word of God. Israel is to know God and to love one and only, and to their children every day in the life of the Word of God was rokbureusimeul gareuchido. Although there is a formal school, my parents grew up in the knowledge of God’s law and the children they teach and talk with their children through example and was able to support teaching.Spiritual life within the family before the children’s growth and plays an important role of faith. Moses says. “Lord, give me Turned out to be our dwelling place in all generations is” (Psalm 90:1).

Unfaithful to the God of Israel because of disobedience to God and to extend the empire of Babylon, were sent as slaves to Israel. Larval activity was very important to the Jews during the training. Because through it they know God better, to live a life of obedience to God because. Jews no matter where they had warned their children because the laws of God, God’s chosen people were able to keep its identity as. Led by General Titus in AD 70 by the Roman legions, when the Jewish temple in Jerusalem collapsed as they were scattered all over the world.Exile at the end of 2000, Israel was reborn in 1948 by the UN, the Jews have returned to Israel, now 5 million people are living in their land of Jews. Problem is how they keep their identity as Jews 2,000 years in a foreign culture is survived detractors. Palestinians, like most countries today are disappearing. The Jews are marvelous.The secret is in their children’s education. Whether they saldeun between where they are because God had warned them of the laws was successful. By doing so, they keep their identity as a chosen people, they have erected this country when Israel was able to return to the land of the Jews.

The curriculum of modern Jewish education is this? Education courses to keep track of them makes sense. Bible study is at the center of their departments. Elementary grades 1,2 11 hours, 29 hours for grade 3-6, 7.8 for grade 14 hours, 17 hours of Bible courses in grades 9-12 are included. Created in elementary school, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses’ story teaches. When they were young, you have learned about the people of God, as God’s law can be trained. At home and in school education system to maintain its identity as God’s chosen people played an important role.

Examples of modern church denominations – failure and success stories 

The Synod of Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Churches and the Lutheran Chruch-Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church. The Synod of Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Churches was founded in 1902. Then close the church door in 1971, has been merged with the Missouri Synod. The Missouri Synod Lutherans in the United States is Have 240 million saints, and the eighth largest in the United States and the second largest Lutheran Protestants are In 1847 by German-American immigrants in Chicago, was built. Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, has Why the disappearing Missouri denomination Slovak denomination Will still be retained? Slovak they continue the 70 years is gone now. This they did not have any school system is. However, the Missouri Synod and Concordia Theological Seminary, including the University of Corcordia schools are operating. They are active and growing.Members of their school system to train the children of students, staff, faculty, parents of new members has become an important tool for recruiting. Church school system leaders prepared to do well the work of God and the identity of the church sign offers a theological foundation. This case study of UBF to the future members of the education system may be sufficient reason to establish.

The direction of Christian Education II

Family education – parents’ education

Parents of children from infancy, children are the best teachers. Home is where the first and the best education.The most important role for us as parents of our children and the next generation of leaders in the teachings of the Bible to keep God’s laws is to India. In discussing education, 2 years, we should look at in terms of three kinds.Parent’s perspective, the perspective of church programs, and tutoring systems perspective. Children in the faith of the parents’ role in shaping what is it? The role of parents is so important. We at home can cut your child’s education is in three phases. Until a development stage since I was twelve years old or forming step of faith, ten ten from nine until three, or trust formation stage and growth stage at twenty or twenty nine years until maturity, cooperation is the formative stage.

Stages of development, the so-called spiritual training children for the duration of CBF is required. Proverbs 19:18 verse is the word. “You hope your son while there is a discipline him, and shalt not kill the heart,” the Bible is a training tool. As a man of God’s children we have to train in accordance with the teachings of the Bible. Why so?Clause is said Timothy 3:15,16. “And you have known the holy Scriptures, which from an early age able thee Jesus Christ for salvation through faith in the wisdom haneunira so all Scripture is given by inspiration of God, correcting and training in righteousness lesson and rebuke to do good “Timothy and his mother Eunice and grandmother from infancy, Lewis had learned from the Bible. They go right Baby Timothy was trained to use the Bible. Young, too old to study the Scriptures because you can not say that. Moses’ mother nursing a baby while he helped to give his spiritual identity. By faith Moses, when he grown up as God’s people have found their own identity. I studied the Bible with young children to the parents every day not to miss a golden opportunity to highlight. CBF that children who attend the ways of God, do not you think India is growing. “I am God and served the history, God’s gonna chaekimjyeoju my children,” it is easy to believe. However, this assumption is wrong.Spiritual growth of children’s primary responsibility is up to parents. Parents with their children having quality time is required. 2 years training in these critical times not to be ignored and will go over. History of sheep as an excuse to act as a parent should not be neglected.

Depending on the age and growth of the children how to approach children’s education is required.

The next growth phase 10, JBF / HBF is the time. I listen to children during this stage jumeuroseo forming trusting relationships with their ‘incarnation’ stage, I think. At this time, children come to find a big change. During this period of transition, as is the most difficult time for parents. Of teens say their parents no longer absolutely do not think a child is followed. At this time, and I support the biblical found in Philippians. Philippians 2:5-7 “Your mind drifts into the mind of Jesus Christ Is the body in very nature God, Sinai, did not consider equality with God something to be taken that is empty and the form of a servant brought him than with people, and” two During the time my parents will come up on paper or as a friend to the children. Authority for the teens questioned, and mostly from a friend is looking for identity. Our children are living in postmodern society. Their idea of ​​freedom from the public and hear your friends will see. They are subject to peer pressure from friends. Their high level of UBF is difficult to follow. The best way to deal with these ten that they will listen to. The key is communication.To maintain a good relationship with your teen to find common ground with them, we may need. They should be at the level of access they need to start from the things that are of interest. The authority of parents and encourage them to lash out will result in a broken relationship. Respect and freedom to grow in the love of God will be the second generation. Second generation life support training is a long-term challenge is metabolic. We raise them as spiritual children to them, we must invest time and capital. Incarnation of God, when training them as leaders of society and the country will change.

The third growth stage is the maturation process through college. During this phase, we have two of our three children may have led to our coworkers. This step, I think that the ownership or partnership is education. Most of these steps, the second generation of talented and want to help their parents. Parents for their children may need to ask for help. Ask them to help their children at their parents’ batneundamyeon much want to participate in the ministry. Parents trust their children to be masters of their work will be given an opportunity. John 15:15 verse is the word. “Now we shall not call you servant is unaware that you were friends, say unto you, that I know have heard of my Father hath” God’s ministry for examination with a relationship with your parents it is a big help. Of God, when they work together with parents and children can be their friends. In conclusion, the Bible, I was young my parents taught their children, children grows, they are exhorted to change attitudes. Parents of the children listened to haejueoya respect their decision. Once they are in college, in God should accept them as a partner.Through it, we as leaders of the next generation can give to our children right. Through Bible study and special training to train the next generation of leaders for their relentless global mission, that is our mission.

Home Schooling 

Growing influence of secular public schools grows and home schooling parents, some of the Christian Education Trust has become. However, many materials to guide them successfully requires time and energy. UBF want to educate their children at home, parents can develop training courses in order. Summer Camp through the exchange of educational materials, and lead a group in the classroom, it is desirable to provide rekchyeo.

Summer Camp 

6-8 weeks for high school students who run the summer camp is a good idea. Summer camp from the Old and New Testaments to the SAT and college preparation courses for high-intensity classes for all participants through the spiritual and intellectual training can provide.

Sports based education 

Youth Movement and UBF is another link. Feel a sense of existence to one another through sports UBF gives a sense of unity among the youth. Through competition with a growing family of God as you can ssatahgal friendship.

Young Disciple Conferences 

Educating and training young people growing up that has some of the conferences. This is the establishment of the identity in God and exchanges between young people will be a good opportunity to actively.


UBF Bible study put emphasis on elementary, middle and high schools to develop curriculum. Depending on the availability of resources also may be a single chapter level, regional level or national level may be the school will be UBF. Worship and Christian history, the duty of all schools will have to be process. Schools to recruit students, but gives priority to members of the UBF, a UBF in an empty space is not a member can be opened to the public. UBF headquarters of the teacher recruitment and training, administrative support, will do. Textbooks for all students to meet the spiritual needs academic must be developed. UBF school follows the basic truths of the Bible should reflect the spirit of the early pioneers.

UBF University 

UBF in the world can support mission, so that the unity of the whole of UBF representatives and special adviser to the location specified by only one member of the University of UBF must be built. UBF with the establishment of the university administration to maintain will be able to supply capital. Since all of the details will continue to be discussed.


5 thoughts on “UBF Schools

  1. I guess we know where the $12 million will be going. I’m just so glad my family doesn’t have to go through the pressure of deciding whether to send our kids to “UBF School” or not.

  2. Wow. These people keep amazing me. But it’s only consequent. They want to totally isolate their children and members from the “world” and any non-UBFish ideas and expand their influence in all areas. At first they had only Bible studies, then they became a “church”, then they started doing “business”, now they want to become kindergardens and schools and colleges, maybe in the next century they will buy a piece of land and found their own state. Maybe they can just buy North Korea.

    • Yes, Chris, the human ambition runs high in UBF. The education focus seems like a good change at first. But then you realize all the education will be inward focused and isolated even further from the world.

      Earlier I attempted to diagram what the structure of UBF looks like. (I think I now need to update that diagram to be more accurate.) Based on a few ideas connected to the Bible, a huge, top-heavy organization has been built with way more leaders than followers. The layers could be labelled as you say:

      Bible study > Church > Business > Education > Government

      This is really the path that the Roman Catholic church has already taken. If this trend continues, I predict we will see the “UBF Vatican”.

    • When my friend Abraham left UBF around 2001 or so, he said UBF was going to become like the Roman Catholic Church. I am astounded by his foresight!