Testimony after Testimony

Soon there will be a permanent online place for these testimonies of former UBF members. For now, I am preserving a few select links.

I do not blog here out of my own pain, not out of things done to me, but out of the pain of what happened to others… and the pain of not speaking up when I could have. I blog for my public repentance. I blog to put a stop to the various kinds of abuse that have happened in various UBF chapters around the world.

Former Bonn UBF: “So that these problems may be solved absolutely”

A testimony of what has gone on behind closed doors in one of the power centers of UBF…

The children are the crown of the father and a gift from God. Jesus also let the children come to him. In order to bear this blessing from God the parents have to bring up their children according to the will of God and with great care. The unnatural and violent bringing up of children by M. Peter reveals his goal of training children to become puppets on a string which move only on his orders.

Dear coworkers! I have testified by listing some examples of what actually happens behind closed doors in the ministry of Bonn UBF, which unfortunately is misjudged [by the UBF director, Samuel Lee] to be an exemplary ministry. I have done this so that these problems may be solved absolutely.

Former Hamilton UBF: “I began to feel crushed”

…and a friend to whom I must apologize greatly, and publicly. If you read this Robert, please contact me. I should have spoken up when you visited…

My family left Hamilton UBF (at McMaster U.) on November 1, 2001 after I had been in UBF for over 10 years. The words of Micah scrolled onto the front of Erskine Church in Hamilton helped me to make the final decision. It was not easy to leave because of my attachments to UBF co-workers and friends. I had fond memories of many missionaries and was especially fond of co-workers in Montreal UBF even though I could only fellowship with them for a couple of days each year. I was very heavily involved in my chapter as a fellowship leader and a presider, a role which I carried out for 10 years. Through Bible study I met Jesus personally and confessed my faith publically. I learned to love the Bible and I experienced God’s calling (Mk 10:45).

However, over time (5-6 years), I began to feel crushed by this same ministry in every aspect of my life. I witnessed so many Canadian students leave with out any explanation. Some of these were Philip Styles in 1995 (Hamilton), Sandor Szulc (1997), Ryan Collins and Steve Nagy in 1996 (Waterloo)and Dean Fleming (1997). In 1999, my personal Bible reading revealed to me many of the “internal contradictions” mentioned in other RSQUBF postings and my conscience was bothered by many wierd directions. When Missionary Tim Hwang (Montreal UBF) left UBF to become a Presbyterian minister I rejoiced that God had blessed him to serve the Lord. However, Hamilton missionaries to a man condemned him and said that he only became a minister because he loved money and wanted a salary. This stunk really bad to me. It stunk because I know that as an RN, I make more money than the minister in my mom’s church (Knox Burlington)which has over 500 attendant. I valued Tim Hwang’s decision as a godly one. They didn’t think so.

Former Toledo UBF: “I wanted to build a better UBF”

James Kim… a friend who passed away not too long ago. But someone who’s family I owe a huge debt and apology to…

Eventually, at the end of 1993, our names were not printed in the Daily Bread of Korea and USA. In fact, we reached the point of being expelled from UBF. I could not understand these things at all, since I wanted to build a better UBF through proposing the problems that should be absolutely changed in UBF. At first, I wanted to retreat without a word and to live a life serving Jesus quietly, since I did not like causing trouble and meeting with darkness. I dared to take up my pen like this, thinking how many co-workers would be sacrificed in the future and that it was not right to cover the truth and to leave the history distorted, if I went away silently like ex-UBFers in the same boat in the past. Here, I outlined the problems which M. —– [formerly of Columbus, OHIO USA] and I proposed. I cordially ask your objective judgment, advice and prayer.


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