Stuff that would be punished

Yesterday I read a report by a visiting missionary to UBF. Aside from the typical “praise and glory” reporting, this report contained some very unusual statements.

What stood out to me is the statement that UBF missionaries have been doing “stuff that would be punished”. Now, I’m not sure why sin would be mitigated to “stuff”, but still this is a shocking (and rather positive) statement to read from a visiting missionary. I long for the day when the “stuff” may be fully brought into the light of Jesus.

Missionaries, who are warriors of faith and soldiers of Christ, are struggling to pioneer with much challenge. They are given the fullness of love and training from the great God. I know the only one work God is doing: He is considering, “Today, on whom shall I grant the blessing?”, “On whom shall I grant the blessing?” However, we are doing stuff that would be punished, not the kind of stuff that would be blessed. I pray that we would confess our past sins, and become the Lord’s angels, warriors of faith, and soldiers of Christ, so that we can do the kind of stuff that would be blessed, not the kind of stuff that would be punished. In 2011, I pray that I would become a faithful servant of God who serves the Lord and the servants of the Lord to the end with all my heart.


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