Someone Who Can Relate

I’m reading an excellent new book, “Fundamorphosis” by Rob Ryerse. After finishing the book, I’ll share a more detailed review of my thoughts.

But as I read this book, I find sentence after sentence in this book relates to my experience “in” ubf and the process of leaving:

I had grown up. In my fundamentalist heritage, separation is the
belief that to maintain doctrinal purity, those who became apostate
and fall away from the fundamental faith had to be shunned. This
is called primary separation. Secondary separation takes this belief
a step further, requiring that those who don’t practice primary
separation have to be separated from as well. On both counts, I knew
I would be judged as guilty and apostate. When we left, speaking
engagements were cancelled, friendships were ended, and support
was withdrawn.

I tried to laugh this off, but in reality, it stung deeply. I didn’t
understand how friends could so misunderstand my heart and
so easily assign bad motives to our efforts. I had thought that my
friendships were deeper than doctrinal differences, but it turned
out they weren’t. For the first time in my life, I felt alone, exposed,
and abandoned.

(Source: Fundamorphosis, Robb Ryerse, Page 24)


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