Sad and Glad

I feel really sad for these “second gens”, whose only purpose in life seems to be continually indoctrinated with UBF ideas and accept the UBF heritage, and pass the heritage on to their future children.

Here is the report:

“Through this program, the second gens renewed their identities as second gen UBF missionaries and learned what they should inherit and cherish during their lifetime and what they should hand down to the next generation.”

However, I am very, very, very glad that we no longer have to worry about such pressure and guilt and fear as parents! I pray for the Spirit to work in the hearts of these young people and set them free from the chains of “UBF heritage”.


4 thoughts on “Sad and Glad

  1. The kids in that article are probably around 13-17 years old. Not many kids that age have a set purpose in life yet. Obviously those kids are just doing what they’re told, as most kids do. As they mature into adults, I’m sure some of them, if not the majority of them will at least have second thoughts about the legitimacy of “UBF Spiritual Legacy”, and authentic acceptance of it.

  2. I also want to mention that there are many “second gens” that are NOT in UBF at all, or are even Christians.. I’m sure you know this, so I humbly suggest editing your post to keep from offending any other second gen that reads that. thanks

    • Orange, I would agree with you. Some “second gens” don’t even believe God exists. In my post, I specifically mention “these second gens” and “these young people”, referring specifically to those in the report.

      It seems to me that it is the UBF report that implies ALL second gens are/must/should be in UBF and supporting UBF heritage. I cannot change that because I am quoting from the report.