Room for Jesus?

As Christmas approaches, I’ve had one thought that keeps coming to mind: Would I have room for Jesus if he had visited in 2011 instead of about 2,000 years ago?

So here is a “top 10 list” that came to mind the past couple days. These are my top 10 reasons why Jesus might not be accepted in America in 2011:

10. Jesus might be from Detroit.

9. Jesus might accept a dinner party invitation from a Congress leader.

8. Jesus might have a group of single moms and illegal aliens following him to tend to his needs.

7. Jesus might be in repeated conflict with relgious leaders, causing Evangelicals and Catholics to begin working together.

6. Jesus might call a global warming zealot to be a disciple.

5. Jesus might call an IRS employee to be a disciple.

4. Jesus might spend a lot of time at LGBT events.

3. Jesus might touch a person with AIDS and heal the person.

2. Jesus might rip out the technology at a church and throw the big screen tv’s out the windows.

1. Jesus might consider his top disciple to be a redneck from Louisiana.

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