Obsessed with Urine

People in UBF should wake up and pay attention.

How can a person who claims to be a Christian pastor routinely mention urine and feces in his Sunday messages and Bible studies?

Here is an excerpt from a January 2013 “message” from a UBF “pastor”. How can a Christian have such a horrible, messed up view of people and life? Please pray for him. He needs help. And he needs to step away from any kind of ministry  or leadership.

“In a sense, this life is like electrical poles.  A dog watches electrical poles everywhere. All he sees is dried tall trees which never blossom and show no beauty or demonstrate little practical value –except he occasionally uses it for his urgent business on the street. In contrast, this dog thinks that at least he does some important work for his boss. So this perplexed dog wanders why people do not get rid of all these useless electrical poles. Of course, this dog does not know anything about the continuous flows of electricity through these poles. How much these poles enrich the lives of people in so many ways.  Here is a lesson for us! Without lifting out eyes up, we cannot see God.  All we see is the senseless and dry reality of this life.  We wonder why God does not remove all the seemingly visible obstacles in this life. But God is there. His power still flows into this world. Amazingly, God still shows enough of his miracles in different ways.  Through miracles we open our eyes and see God beyond dry and mundane life’s reality. “

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