2 thoughts on “New UBF TV Website

  1. What a surprise! There are plenty of great Christian Television Networks, however, U.B.F. gave me the impression they think these are beneath them. This is all about a group of people at the top of U.B.F. who seek a Religious Organization, void of accepted Personal Christian Relationships with Jesus let alone anyone being an individual and unique, who recruit their own lower leadership to promote their twisted thirst for power. Classically what a Cult is. What’s scarier is they prey on Immigrants now, but the good news is it may point to their megalomania in being unable to find Western Recruits. I know they are lacking big in Chicago and the surrounding areas for new membership and as large as they claim they are is well exaggerated. Knowing six loyalist in a City is what they usually claim is a ‘Church’.

  2. Hi Eric. You’ve describe some points that are very familiar to me. If you’d like to share more about yourself and your experiences, contact me and I’d be willing to post your story as a main article here.