Mars, Moms and Love

Last night we watched the movie “Mars needs Moms”. The animation was astounding. The plot was simple. Yet I can’t stop thinking about this movie. It has a straightforward plot that anyone could readily understand: children need parents who love them.

The interesting part of the plot to me was the presentation of obedience vs. love. The Martians were a society lead by an Asian-looking female Martian dictator. They separated boys and girls at birth, keeping males and females apart their entire lives. The female-only society hated expressions of color and free-form art, while the male underground society thrived on such things.

The female society on Mars created robots to raise the girls from birth. The robots obeyed perfectly, but could not raise the children properly. So they looked to earth, searching for mom’s who could control their children through obedience. Those moms who taught obedience the best were brought back to Mars to control the Martian female children.

In the end this was a beautiful movie about the triumph of love over obedience and necessity of love in human society.

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