Long Term Blogging Projects

As my journey of faith continues, I’ve settled on three long term blogging projects.


“odnim slovom” is Russian for “one word”. My primary project will continue to be to articulate the gospel of Jesus one word at a time. This project will produce presentations called “sermon starters”.


I contend that grace is the primary lens to unlock and unpack all Scripture. I’ve already reviewed God’s message of grace in the book of grace, Romans. This project will keep me centered on the grace of God as I continually learn the vast majesty of God’s ways.


This blog will remain as a permanent witness of the first 50 years of University Bible Fellowship. I lived the last 24 of those 50 years. The UBF celebrations will tell the world only the positive, glorious-sounding, good-natured viewpoints of the last 50 years. This project will document my view and the viewpoints of many who see a real picture of what UBF has done and failed to do.

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