Hardcore 1:1 – Part 5

Here is my review of the conclusion of the Hardcore 1:1 presentation.

To see the UBF presentation that I am reviewing, please see part 1. This review covers section 8, the last section:

  1. Introduction: Why? (slides 5 – 6)    2 slides
  2. Definition (slides 8 – 9)      2 slides
  3. Origin (slides 11 – 14)      4 slides
  4. Importance (slides 16 – 18)     3 slides
  5. Advantages & Potential (slides 20 – 26)    7 slides
  6. Obstacles vs. Motivation (slides 28 – 31)     4 slides
  7. Practical Application (slides 33 – 39)     7 slides
  8. Conclusion: God’s hope! (slides 41 – 44)     4 slides

Slide 41 sets up the last section with two questions: What is the fruit of 1:1 bible study? What happens when we do 1:1 bible study?

I have a list of my answers to these questions… I’ll spare you that and just move on to the answers given in the next slide.

Slide 42

Here are the “fruits” of UBF 1:1….

  • We become happier and more beautiful, truly satisfied
  • We get to know Jesus
  • We grow in Jesus’ image
  • We grow to a global leader, to a servant for the world.

This is the UBF wishdream in a nutshell. The corollary is that if you don’t do these things, you are not happy, don’t get to know Jesus, you are not growing and are an ugly failure.

Slide 43

In case you missed it, the perceived outcome is listed in four bullet points.

“1:1 bible study is the way to help one person very personally”
(What the heck does that mean?)

“1:1 is the way to raise global leaders”
(Really? I wonder what global leaders have to say about that…)

“1:1 is God’s way to fulfill his salvation work”
(Oy, the binding of UBF to “God’s way” infuriates me!)

“1:1 is the way to double our ministry, to make Germany, Russia, USA, England, Portugal, Czech Republic a kingdom of priests and a holy nation!”
(I just knew KOPHN would get in here somewhere! Can anyone say “world domination”? How about 1:1 is the sure way to depression?)

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