Everything is Wonderful

Here is yet another glowing report that everything is wonderful in UBF.

There are however, a lot less people in the photo. But nevermind about that…just keep focusing on new students, who are so humble and great. Just forget about the nearly 40 members who just left. Don’t bother acknowledging any kind of problem whatsoever. Just put on a happy face and praise God…no need to mention there is one less chapter in the Great Lakes Region. No reason to mention that the newly formed Leadership Council is falling apart.

Why mention those things when there is such a “growing love, spirit of joy, and collaboration among us.” UBF makes me sick and yes this is today’s rant.

We had a wonderful Great Lakes Region meeting in Akron on Saturday, September 24th. The hospitality, Biblical expertise, and wonderful fellowship environments created for us by M. Isaac and Rebekah Kim and Latticia moved everyone’s heart. We had an insightful Bible study together on the shepherd life of Elisha from Lesson 4 of 2 Kings Chapters 6 and 7 led by M. Isaac Kim. Then we proceeded to share our prayer topics and the work of God going on in each of the chapters with members present (Akron, Bowling Green, Toledo, Columbus, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh). The prayer topics for Buffalo, Erie, and Owens, who could not attend this time, were also shared. We all prayed together specifically for each chapter and for Akron and Toledo ministry. Akron UBF prays for harvest workers to join them. We all sensed a growing love, spirit of joy, and collaboration among us. We then enjoyed a most delicious lunch at a local Japanese sushi buffet. As a region, we have the following direction and prayer topics:

(1) Reaching out to college student through Bible study and disciple-making in each chapter
(2) To have the next regional meeting in Columbus sometime in the spring, unless another smaller chapter volunteers to host it
(3) To plan and organize a regional retreat for families and co-workers in the summer of 2012


8 thoughts on “Everything is Wonderful

  1. Brian, just remember God has removed you from this fellowship that is so messed up. He has given you the joy of the Lord through the Holy Spirit. You are doing a great work in exposing the terrible wrongs of UBF. God will bless you and continue to give you peace of mind. After being in a wrong “cult” type fellowship for 20 plus years and having developed friendships within UBF it can only be a God thing that you have been able to remove yourself from this place. Remember, through you, God will open more and more of their blinded eyes. I am excited to see how many UBF members you will touch with the truth. The ones that are truly searching will see the truth and leave. The ones that don’t will continue to be blind to God’s true word and to the Holy Spirits voice.

    Remember, satan is a WOLF in sheep clothing. That is what I get out of UBF.
    My prayer for you is that God will continue to bless you and help you in your passion and endeavor to expose the truth in UBF and bring an end to the wrong authoritarian, abusive tactics that they use.


  2. Thank you for the reminder and for your prayer Mary! I am thankful that a growing number of people understand my situation. I’m glad to have friends around the world, especially in Russia and India!

    Sometimes I just need to vent, which is why I have a “rant” category on this blog.

  3. We (rebels) was often called to be communists by Peter Kim. But actually all communist countries use such policy – hiding information from peoples and telling them that they are most happy peoples in the world (I was living in ex USSR too and have friends in communist countries). But peoples don’t feel happiness by some reason…

  4. Andrew, I noticed the Nazi’s also did this. Their propaganda promoted an ideal society where people would be so happy and well-fed. We all know how that ended, but if you look at how it began, you will see how even the church was persuaded to support their good-sounding ideals and Christian nationalism.

  5. Any totalitary society uses this and can’t live without it. Most extreme situation is described in famous “1984”. One day I was shocked that “1984” is not to far from our ex-reality…

  6. And of course all this is written not to tell “they are bad, we are good”. Many, many things was tested by history and found to be wrong. Why they should repeat again and again? If we will not understand it deeply then we will get same things in next local church where we will go or we may even help to create such society there. I seen real examples when it happened. I think this is the reason why such sites as your exist. To remind what things should not happen again. The history exists for the same purpose :)

  7. Andrew, you got my point exactly: “If we will not understand it deeply then we will get same things in next local church where we will go or we may even help to create such society there.”

    I do not want to reform or change UBF. I want the cult-like practices to end. My leaving should be the last bitter parting of ways! The pattern ends with me.

    Why should I and other Americans have to fight so hard for the SAME rights and freedoms we already have? American soldiers gave their lives. Countless Americans and others around the world shed their blood for the sake of freedom. I will not let Korean missionairies take anyone hostage, binding them to UBF and making them feel guilty for not doing UBF programs or not being pious enough or feeling stupid because some Korean missionary told them they were stupid.

  8. All these things are why I’ve taken a vow to God that lasts until the end of 2011. I will not be involved in preaching or teaching or serving at our new church. I will be listening, studying, praying and being corrected.