2012 Event: “Utopia in Kimchi Tank”

It was brought to my attention recently that UBF is actually listed on at least 7 cult-watching/religious monitoring  groups. There are six such groups in the US alone. In China, there is an organization called CGNER: “Concern Group on Newly Emerged Religions”.  On 4/11/2012, CGNER is co-hosting a university seminar that explores some of the emerging religious movements from South Korea. UBF is one such movement on their agenda.



Utopia in Kimchi Tank – Exploring the hazards of the Korea manipulative sect which recommands the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth


In recent years, we saw many zealous Korean religious sects preaching in the universities campus. They usually attract students’ participation by special cultural activities. Then, through systematic Bible study class, they instill their ideas gradually. However, many of such sects are in the name of Christianity, claiming themselves to be a godly and full of love’s Kingdom of Heaven that rarely found on earth. In fact, their claiming is unreal and they are the blind-believers abusive organisations. They bring to believers lots of poison and ideological manipulation. In order to explore these phenomena, we expecially held a lecture. We invited someone who has been caught in such denominations and some senior religious people. They will explain how to distinguish between authentic and problemed denominations. Let’s discuss how such campus mission movement influenced the students.


  Dr. Kai-Yum Cheung Teng (Alliance Bible Seminary, Associate Professor of Cross-culturalResearch Department)

  Pastor Wu Chi Wai (Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement, General Director)

  Former University Bible Fellowship UBF (South Korea manipulative sect) Division Leader


2012/04/11 (Wednesday)


T.Y. Wong Hall (TYW_LT), 5th/F, Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


19:00 – 21:00pm (7:00 pm to 9:00 pm)


University professors and students, people who have concerns about new religious movements from South Korea.


Concern Group on Newly Emerged Religions CGNER/

Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement HKCRM

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Web site:


No registration. Free admission

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