Binding your soul to UBF

Here is a good example of how to bind your soul to an ideology.

“Greg Cocco then gave the evening message from chapter 3, entitled, “Continue in what you have learned”. He pointed out the fact that many don’t continue in what they learned because they are lovers of something else besides God. Many people will be like this in the last days. They will also have a form of godliness but deny its power. But Paul was a great example of one
 who continued in what he learned and lived a
godly life despite persecution. Paul reminded
 Timothy of the fact so as to encourage him.
 We can continue too when we go to the 
scriptures that make us wise for salvation. It 
is these scriptures and the godly lives of
 servants of God like Paul that have power to
bring people to God. Greg also made a
decision to continue in what he learned from 
his passionate and zealous shepherd
 missionary Philip who always emphasized 
inviting students to one to one Bible study and doing daily bread. Greg admitted that after
 getting married and now having his first son he mostly just sought out a comfortable life while largely ignoring what he’d been taught.”

And here:

“The final message was delivered by Daniel Tourn from chapter 4, “Preach the Word”. His main point was simply that we must take the calling personally to preach the Word, especially in view of the judgment to come and the appearing of Jesus’ kingdom. And we must always be prepared whether in season or out of season. Daniel could re-assess his view of life. He realized that he wasn’t living his life, especially the calling to preach, in view of Jesus’ judgment and appearing but rather in view of many excuses about why he was too tired or too busy to preach. He also realized that he wasn’t relying on the strength of God to do so. So very practically he renewed his commitment to daily bread for God’s strength and the outreach and one to one Bible teaching ministry in order to regularly preach.”


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