An Event from 2001

2001 marked the third reform movement and mass exodus of UBF leaders and members. A serious event in Germany during this time was overlooked in the USA.

The event in 2001 happened in Bonn, Germany. Here is a summary of the newspaper articles. I share this summary in order to raise awareness of what has happened in UBF and in hopes that UBF will someday learn to address events like this without sweeping them under the rug. I also share in hopes that one day UBF will release the bonds of their shepherd/sheep relationships, which are currently permanent relationships.

An Investigation into Child Abuse

Andrew Shepherd, the Cult Commissioner of the Evangelical Church in Rhineland, led an investigation after neighbors of Bonn UBF complained.

The office is investigating the director of the Bonn “University Bible Fellowship” – teachers, neighbors and members report on neglected or battered children


Unproven Allegations

The allegations had many testimonies, but they were not able to be proven.

Even kindergarten teachers confirm this, you have found that up to one or two years of UBF children ran around for a whole week in soiled clothing. As a child had once been very ill in the nursery, the teachers had tried in vain to inform the parents.

Neighbors of the UBF members also noticed: “The children are frightened, disturbed in their development.” Even the neighbors saw that children in the garden “to 20 minutes would stand at attention while “Grandpa” was watering the lawn” have. A girl had once told them tearfully, “Grandpa” had beaten with a stick on her hands.


No Comment

The prosecution would not comment on the investigation when asked by the German newspaper, “General Anzeiger”, because of “tactical reasons”. A lawyer representing the UBF director also said, “I give no explanation.” And none of the UBF Koreans would speak to the German newspaper.


Investigation Closed

In 2003, the investigation was closed.

No suspicion against UBF director.  Bonn public prosecutor has closed an investigation – conjectures and limitation periods




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