A Failed Defense

Just capturing some evidence of my failed defense of UBF as a Christian church. I publicly repent for such a blind, un-Biblical defense. I have removed the UBF defense material from this website.

Evasion of facts


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Treated differently

Salt in wounds

Not thinking

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On his web page Karcher says:

“By reading some of the criticims of UBF, it would appear that they would have me denounce UBF and join the bandwagon of criticism.”

No, you should demand a Biblical response from UBF leadership to confess and repent.

“They paint a dark picture, as if UBF is a corrupt, unethical or evil organization with malicious intent.”

Stick to the specifics. What things has UBF done and would should the response be? The worst thing is not the abortions, beatings, or misuse of money or the fact that UBF has really hurt many people. The worst thing is the refusal to acknowledge even a little bit that it has done anything wrong or that it is willing to correct anything, or that many people deserve an apology and to be told, “It’s not you, it was UBF!” UBF deeply hurt me by violating the trust I had in it to respond in a Biblical way to the abuse I an others encountered. That hurt still hurts because I loved doing what I was doing with the people I was doing it with. Besides leaving, the only option was to do what you and others have been doing that is to deny the reality of those who were hurt and abused. Thus it continues. Nothing has been resolved.

“What should I say? Should I deny all that I’ve known and investigated and experienced to be true and in accordance with Scripture? Should I deny the genuine work of God that I’ve witnessed firsthand for so many years? Should I suddenly “open my eyes” and start interpretting the words and actions of people in UBF as if they had malicious, hidden, selfish motives? Should I suddenly feel all alone and as if all of UBF is against me, secretly out to destroy me? ”

You should demand that UBF answer the allegations against it, confess, repent, make a constitution to deal with abuse, and also face those who were hurt or left UBF because of these incidents and tell them, “We are sorry, we were wrong, please forgive me.”

Should I be shocked at the events mentioned? Should I leave UBF because it is banned by some religious organizations? Should I be angry that UBF is not part of a human organization like the NAE (which by the way has its own problems)? I think not!


If UBF does not repent, then yes, you should leave it. Rather than blaming the NAE, which UBF boasted about for so long, you should ask, “What did UBF do to deserve being expelled?”


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