2011 – Year of Repentance

One of the primary works of the Spirit in me in 2011 is repentance. My repentance came in the form of the words “stop” and “start”.

Can you believe it? I actually reached the point in 2010 that I thought maybe I had no need to repent. I was clearly wrong! Here is a brief summary of my stop/start repentance topics from 2011:

Stop pretending everything is wonderful in UBF.
Stop defending organizations of men as if they were God’s kingdom.
Stop dictating my ideas about truth.
Stop demanding other people adhere to my standard of piety.
Stop thinking that my piety is the highest and best in the world.
Stop inventing glorious reports about the work of God.
Stop taking direction from doubled-minded people.
Stop spinning facts into perceptions that fit my ideals.
Stop proof-texting my religious claims.
Stop sitting by idly while my friends are suffering.

Start speaking up about things that disturb me.
Start publicly and vocally discussing actions that are wrong.
Start reaching out to other Christians.
Start reading about Christian doctrines.
Start expressing myself through blogging.
Start holding accountable those who have been unaccountable.
Start listening for the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
Start understanding humanity.
Start studying the Old Testament from the viewpoint of Jesus.
Start realizing, accepting and extending the grace of God.

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