Reasonable divorce is good

Did you know that God ordained divorce as surely as he ordained marriage in the books of Moses?  Jesus referenced Moses when he discussed divorce.  If one spouse fears the other may leave it keeps them in check and requires both spouses to submit to each other to the degree necessary to maintain a healthy relationship but not to submit to the point they are so miserable they would rather leave.  With a divorce for a valid reason the spouse may find themselves better off than if they stayed married.  Divorce is an act of unfaithfulness except for numerous valid reasons listed in scripture


Samuel Lee taught physical abuse, the phrase spiritual abuse is vague to me

larken rose refers to this dangerous religion that Samuel Lee and others taught as “the most dangerous superstition” although my thoughts are my own I borrowed his phrase.  He was such a genius he could refute the entire ubf belief system in two minutes if you do not have time to read my post


Samuel Lee  taught a simple and popular ancient heresy which has influenced people to murder more people than any other popular heresy I presently know of


Married couples too busy fishing to multiply

At my chapter less than 1 new disciple per year that stayed in UBF has been produced per married couple on average.  On the other hand a human female is capable of producing almost one child per year from 18 to 30.  Fishing can not be justified as a substitute for multiplying if UBF is truly serious  about maximizing the number of disciples produced.  Discipleship ministry is a farce.