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Nearly four months ago there was an article with a link to a blog but that link became broken. Now that link to the blog has been restored.

Also there will be articles about how Marriage by Faith really works, how chapters really operate, and more coming soon.



What is the focus?


What is the focus? That is the question that ex-members of a UBF chapter in California have asked.

On a meeting for bible study with ex-members one of the sisters brought up the question about the purpose of the group. We as a group had a discussion and came to the conclusion.

The conclusion being that our purpose is to be a body of Christ that reveals God clearly and be a safe haven to both ex-members and current members whom have also witness & experienced the abuse and sometimes dehumanization from UBF pastors, seniors, and junior members. Our purpose should not be about just merely exposing UBF problems or be a group of haters. If we do so as the sister pointed out we create more problems and end up effecting and harming everyone especially God.

What she said got me thinking about how for a time I become a perpetrator like the the UBF leaders. This got me convicted of my sins and realizing that it is time to turn a new leaf by having a new beginning.

So me and some of the ex-members created a blog that shows techniques and methods to resist UBF’s mind control and possibly prevent and/or resist Stockholm Syndrome. It is called UBF: Ur Being Flat. The reason for this title is because musically you don’t end on a high note in UBF but the melody is always flat with the constant redundancy.

Here is the link to the blog: https://ubfisacult.blogspot.com/

Also here is my email if anyone wants to get in contact with me personally: eddieisvercetti@gmail.com





hChange. You cannot grow without change. Without the process of transition, evolution, adaptation and division, cells cannot grow into living beings. Division, then, is not always a bad thing. Division is necessary for growth and is part of every healthy group. And so “you be friends” is changing yet again. Here are some updates as to what is going on with our virtual community.


22 Minutes of Mind Control

m** Admin update: The transcript of the first few minutes has been added to this article ** This audio clip was submitted recently. It creeps me out. Please take a listen and share your reactions. This 22 minutes is all you need to know about UBF and the mind control that goes on there. They keep working on you to break you down mentally, emotionally and spiritually.